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Monitor servers waiting for reboot after windows update – quick tip before Cumulative Update procedures

Few days ago, Microsoft has released Cumulative Update 5 to Operations Manager 2007 R2, there is a step by step guide in the technet for installing the update, yesterday I had to update costumer’s Development environment to CU5, well.. 17\40 agents didn’t failed.. and the rest ? well… one big red failed status… While trying […]... Read More

OpsMgr – Reset Monitor state with powershell

I had to use monitor instead of rule (missing expression filtering option in some rule type) but without affecting the object state… well, this is my workaround for this request (part of the script is based on Scotts Moss’s script): Creating the monitor uncheck the “Automatically resolve the alert when the monitor returns to a health […]... Read More
Export RDL from ReportServer

Extract RDLs from Reporting Server DB with extractMyRDLs Tool

A month ago I had a scenario of failed reporting services migration, the migrated DB couldn’t be used with OpsMgr anymore after the migration so RsetSRS tool had to be run. the result was a great new working SRS but.. without all the RDLs the costumer had before… With no working backups and no reports […]... Read More

System Center Essentials, Operations Manager & Powershell – short tip

While working with SCE, OpsMgr and Powershell I’ve noticed that SCE & OpsMgr doesn’t output the same data as expected, for example, I’ve tried to count the number of Critical Errors that has resolution state zero… Well.. on first look, everything looks fine when there are alerts which equal this term, but what did happen […]... Read More

Monitoring windows 2008 R2 print server with Microsoft print server management Pack

As you probably noticed, the print server management pack covers windows 2003 – 2008 print servers but not 2008 R2. why is that ? because Microsoft has changed the print server role name in that version, so.. how you going to deal with that ? Take the file. Convert it to XML with MpToXml.ps1. […]... Read More

How to find out the health state of object in OpsMgr via Powershell

recently i had to face some rule which need to output the health state of some Distributed Applications in OpsMgr, I used the Operations Manager module for powershell.. .after long researching I finally built the below code : $ObjectState = (get-monitoringclass | Where-Object {$_.displayname -eq “Operations Manager Management Group” -and $_.Description -like “This type represents […]... Read More
SDK is crashing SDK is crashing

Event id 26380 – The System Center Operations Manager SDK Service failed due to an unhandled exception.

SDK is crashing, you start the service of the Data Access, trying to open the Operations Manager Console and you get this error message : You check the service status again and.. well… is stopped again. if you will open your event viewer you’ll find the start event : 26361 (The System Center Operations Manager […]... Read More
Distribute Credentials

Event 4506 and new Root Management Server (RMS) \ Management Server (MS)

After installing new RMS \ MS to existed System Center Operation Manager environment, event id 4506 may be logged… Event ID: 4506; Source: HealthService Description: Data was dropped due to too much outstanding data in rule “<Some rule>” running for instance “<some Instance>” with id:”{GUID}” in management group “<Management Group Name>”. first check for updates […]... Read More